Friday, 23 October 2015


NOTE: this is the first ever blog post that is not an original article of mine, but just a re-post from another site (Henry Makow's). But I thought it was such an important article/topic that it needed to be re-posted again. 

This article may be a little old, but it requires re-posting (by many, many people, not just me!) so that people can realize the true extent of the cover-up. Is it just me, or does the article basically tell us the entire thing was covered up by using gaslighting?? (i.e.: a favorite tactic of Psychopaths via which they turn things around 180 degrees by counter-accusing their accusers, making themselves look innocent in the process. In this particular case, after first exposing the culprits, the Italian reporters were gaslighted by the counter-accusation of perpetrating the [so-called] antiquated anti-semitic blood libel charge, even though, incredibly, there was undeniable, video camera PROOF that the act had indeed been carried out!) I'm not saying ordinary Jews are "evil" or anything like that --in fact I have Jewish friends who are great people and wouldn't have the slightest idea that things like these go on in the world. But, in cases like this one, it's reprehensible that criminals can literally get away with murder by simply crying "Blood Libel!" Now, whether or not the historical blood libel cases were largely exaggerated or not has no bearing in this instance: in this one we have undeniable proof...and, yet, they still get away with gaslighting the people that exposed them, who, amazingly, ended up getting a worse punishment than the perpetrators (the reporters got fired, whereas the US-based criminal only got 18 months jail time when he should've gotten the chair instead!).  

"Rome, Italy -- Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography.

Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film. Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1,700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

Jewish officials in a major Italian news agency tried to cover the story up, but were circumvented by Italian news reporters, who broadcast scenes from the films live at prime time on Italian television to more than 11 million Italian viewers. Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible, claiming they were spreading "blood libel."

Throughout history, various groups have accused sects of Jews of ritually murdering small children. One such account, that of Hugh of Lincoln, led to the expulsion of all Jews from Britain in the 13th Century. Such accounts have generally been discounted, but are so widespread that Jewish organizations have developed a name for them -- "blood libel."

Though AP and Reuters both ran stories on the episode, US media conglomerates refused to carry the story on television news, again saying the story would prejudice Americans against Jews.

Jewish gangsters in Russia have become increasingly linked to traffic in "white slaves" and prostitutes through Israel, according to a recent report in the Jerusalem Post. Israel turns an official blind eye to forced prostitution, and does not punish Israeli citizens who choose to own "sex slaves" as long as the slaves are foreign and non-Jews."

Thursday, 1 October 2015


"Satan is not an actual discarnate, sentient being, but is more than just a symbol. Satan is, at the very least, today's most powerful magic(k)al egregore." 
- Diane Vera, from 'Intro to Satanism' 

THIS! ^ This is what I mean (and what we all should mean!) whenever I use the word 'Satan' in posts/comments. I was naive enough to assume that 99% of the people reading my stuff would already know this was how I meant it. Sometimes, though, it's very hard to truly explain what you are trying to say to people on Fecesbook, YouTube, etc. 

It's understandable, I guess, since the vast majority of my FB friends (and the biggest % per capita of Truthers, in general) are from the USA. And, as we sadly know, that country is the most religious of all the major English-speaking nations. See, here in Down Under, as backward as it is in other aspects of life (i.e.: this Goddamn obsession with sport and beer!!), it is so non-religious as to almost resemble a completely secular/atheist society. Truly. And this, of course, means that I have rarely, if ever, come across any Bible Belt-type people in Melbourne. And praise the Lord for that!!

It's totally natural, then, if most people from the US cringe when they see someone as much as utter the terms 'Satan', 'Lucifer', etc. I have been trying to bring this point across for as long as I have been active on FB (it's exactly 2 years now, though I've had the account itself for about 7) and it was met with varying degrees of success. This little gem of a quote, however, encapsulates everything I want to say about the issue and makes it so much easier. It is so blatantly, obviously true today that there is indeed some kind of 'Dark Force' running amok all over the planet...and that it works through those we call the 'Dark Cabal', the '13 Bloodlines', et al. 

When people, however, associate the word of said magickal egregore with Christian, religious connotations, then this misses the mark completely! There is, quite simply, a Dark Force in operation, and this can be seen by all, except for the atheist Truth Activists out there. And it just so happens that, out of all the dozens and dozens of things it has been called, the term 'Satan' is the most popular one. This is only because, we in the English-speaking West, happen to be in Christian-dominated cultures, that is all. We cannot possibly get hung up on words, however; we have no time to be arguing about what we should call this Dark Force, and whether or not calling it Satan most of the time would potentially push some peoples' buttons (the pagans are a fun example: they would willingly spend hours arguing with a friend as to why Satan is an 'invention', while not realizing they are playing right into the Dark Illuminist's Divide & Conquer ploy, which I touch on below). 

The fact is that there is some kind of Dark Energy at play here and, aside from the different names various cultures ascribe to it, it is the SAME Force. Me, personally, I much prefer to see this Dark Force as some kind of Collective Ego Consciousness. I posit that it is:

a) sentient and that it 
b) works through our Lower Ego/Subconscious (or you can even call it Reptilian Brain). 

This ^ is why I mostly prefer to label it the Reptilian Consciousness, which, silly, naive me, I thought could be interchangeable with 'Satan' without anyone batting an eyelid. Boy, was I wrong! 

Whether it has always been there since 'The Split' (i.e.: the moment Prime Creator decided to divide Himself into innumerable copies and deliberately give them Amnesia, which is where Lucifer's [he symbolizes Individuality, after all] role in 'The Game' came into play, of course), or has merely developed a life unto its own after so many millennia of the Human Ego running rampant in the world, I cannot say for sure. What I do know is that it is REAL and that I care not what people call it. And, think about it, if we fall into the clever trap of fighting among each other about whether or not we should call it "Say-tan" or not, we're playing right into the Cabal's Divide & Conquer Games, are we not?

What I'm saying, basically, is that we're fooling ourselves if we really think this Dark Egregore is "false" just because it appears to be a word that Christianity "invented" in order to scare people about going to Hell, etc. Be that as it may, this does not mean this Dark Egregore doesn't exist quite independently of any, and all, man made Religions. The only problem with the Organized Religions, as far as I can see, is that they exploit this fear and, to be honest, aside perhaps from Buddhism, do not really offer any pragmatic solutions to successfully combat this malign, Dark Force. The reason Buddhism is the best of the lot of them, of course, is that Meditation is the No. 1 medicine/defence against the Ego. And, as we know (and, if we don't, we should), this thing we call the Ego also has a Spiritual, sentient counterpart, which is the very Dark Force I've been discussing in this post. After all, this is the very Dark Force that is seen to work through the spiritually disturbed people we usually call 'possessed' (or the idiot psychiatrists call 'crazy'). So this Force is: 

a) real 
b) sentient and, more importantly,
c) malevolent and destructive. It is 'anti-life', if you will

And to say that it does not exist AT all, simply because the latest Organized Religion on the block (Christianity) has tried to make this Dark Egregore its own and has also greatly abused that privilege, is, well, a cop out. This Dark Force is endemic within humanity itself! It would exist whether or not Man Made Religions did...and this is the main point this article is attempting to bring across. 

As always, I hope this helped in some way, whether it was a completely new concept or simply shed some different light on stuff you already knew. At the end of the day we are all in the same boat, fighting against the very sentient Collective Ego (or Collective Unconscious I guess) of humanity, irrespective of whether the White Christians mainly call it Satan, the Muslims call it Iblis, the Zoroastrians Ahriman, the Hindus symbolize it with Ravana or Kali, the Truther/New Agers call it the Reptilian/Archontic Consciousness, etc, etc. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015


I intuitively got this idea of what the main purpose of Chemtrails could possibly be. This is a right brained thing, so don't ask for the hows/whys, but it's just an understanding I 'spontaneously' got. Maybe I've come across parts of this idea before on the Net and I don't remember it now, but is still there in my subconscious and came out now in this manner, who knows. Anyway, here goes...

Essentially, I sense Chemtrails have more to do with programming our thoughts than anything else. Let me explain: the Cabal is privy to tech that is 100 years ahead of mainstream (at least), so it's not a stretch to think that there are nanobots in the Chemtrails, which are designed to seep into our body thru skin contact, thru breathing the Chemtrails in; any and every way you come into contact with Chemtrails, the nanobots will get into your body. And eventually the brain. Now, this is an intuitive 'download' mind you, so there's no scientific talk offered here as to what happens specifically to the neurotransmitters, etc., when these nanos get in. But the scientific oriented folk among you that have considered, and looked into similar theories, would know how this works. 

Bottom line though, is that we're making a not too improbable conjecture here that there could very well be an advanced electronic mind control science they have developed, thru which they can influence the thoughts of the masses as they see fit. In essence, they could "download" the requisite Software programs (i.e.: Thoughts) into the Hardware (i.e.: Brain), without having to go to too much trouble. God knows how this hypothetical technology would actually work (after all it is so far ahead of what we can currently conceive that neither I, or anyone else, could explain/understand it), but all we need to know is that it could be entirely possible that "they" are in possession of something like this. 

I am specifically trying to say, of course, that the programming originates in the higher densities than the one we currently experience with our 5 senses (i.e.: the 3D world). The Archontic, Draco/Grey Astral Parasites that are just under our noses in the immediate dimension above the third, could very well have figured out a way to "program their crops" much easier than they could decades/centuries ago. Nowadays, they just "spray" us with their Mind Kontrol Spray (Chemtrails) and, after spraying season is over –which, from their perspective of Time, could be 20, 30 years in Earth Time, for all we know– then Picking Season soon comes, i.e.: The Great Harvest that high level, bloodline insider, Hidden Hand, spoke of in great detail here ;)

What this "harvest" entails exactly, who knows? But one thing's for sure: we are definitely 'property' of someone or something. The planet is like a farm, a zoo. Those who have looked at the Grand Conspiracy for long enough, and have "eyes to see", have already concluded as much. And the crops to be harvested (i.e.: us!) are literally being sprayed with stuff that will bring a better 'yield' to the owners. And, since these owners deal in control and domination, then a more 'subservient' crop is a more fruitful crop indeed. Hence the Mind Control aspect behind the Chemtrails. 

I really do think this crazy, far out nanobots thesis could be possible, because, if you look at some of the public technology we have today, the classified military stuff would clearly be out of this world, compared to the physics we're currently taught openly. I think of it also as a, let us say, "soft" microchipping instead of microchipping us outright, which would be met with massive resistance (especially now that so many are awakening), they do it gradually, over a few decades, with the bots in the Chemtrails. Possibly (more like, definitely) the awakened Spirit would be able to override this insidious technology, leaving only the secular minded, atheistic left brained masses to be controlled successfully, as if they were programmable, organic matter based, androids. I mean, who knows...these nanobots could even be part organic. And they would, thus, be able to mesh seamlessly into a person's brain neurons, etc. 

So, when a person that has enough of these bots in his/her system is being "fed" certain thoughts, behaviors, beliefs (from wherever it is that the Cabal theoretically broadcasts these Artificial Thought Forms), they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an original, independent thought of theirs and the implanted one, since, if we take this postulated idea to its conclusion, the nanobots have become organic, living parts of their brain now. The possibilities are endless. And, if this is even half true, it's very alarming. But, then again, it would overwhelmingly work on non-awakened minds, which is, of course, the good news. This last point would also partly explain why the Cabal is clearly trying their absolute best to make Left Brained Atheists of us all, thru their controlled education, media, etc. 

Well, there we have it, ladies and gentlemen, that was the theory. I hope it was thought-provoking and helped somehow. I, for one, feel that a scenario like this does not sound too far fetched at all. But is only just a "what if"; make of it what you will. The idea simply occurred to me yesterday, out of nowhere, so I wrote about it. Food for thought...

Monday, 18 May 2015


I've concluded that Gnostic Jesus' original message held such power, a power inimical to the Archontic Yahweh of the Old Testament that, coupled with the fact that His message could not be stopped, four centuries later, Emperor Constantine (with whom, sadly, I share the identical first name!) had no choice but to start a watered down version of the Original Teachings. The teachings of the Buddha seem to have taken a similar path: it spread like wild-fire in Asia and today is definitely the least (if at all) corrupted of the main world religions, due to the fact it doesn't really have a set 'belief system' per se. 

Way I see it, if the original stuff taught by Jesus was preserved today, it would be seen as the Buddhist equivalent of the west, which is what the various branches of the Christian Church should be teaching, instead of that confused mess we see today that expects the Mind Kontrolled to take every little thing (even the passages that were clearly not meant to be taken this way) 100% literally. I have capitalized 'his' up there, yes. And the reason is because I see it as a sign of respect for someone who was more of a Master of all Yogis/real-life Neo character than anything else. Some have criticized me for talking like this and have said "Oh, this is just your latent, Christian Mind Programming Patterns talking, Con​". 

Is it though? I'm not too sure about that. I've said, time and again, in FB posts, blog posts, etc., that, back from about 23-24 years old, I had the identical anti-Christian mindset that a typical pagan, atheist, or whatever else, has, and I just went with that right into my early 30ies. I followed the Luciferian Initiation right to the end. And, before some of you freak out now, the Luciferian Initiation simply means this: the path a person takes upon awakening from the Matrix, whereby they a) focus solely on amassing Intellectual Knowledge and b) firmly hold to the belief that "they are God" and that God is within, etc. 

I did all this; I did it for about a decade before I peeled off yet another layer of the proverbial onion and got into the "next level": this is when I truly started to learn thru direct Gnosis of the Divine, i.e.: having direct spiritual experiences with these Angelic Beings that, until then, were just words in books/articles to me, and may or may not have existed as far as my Intellectual Self was concerned. But exist they do! And the point I am getting at is this: after a decade of primarily intellectual searching, I ended up cracking my Right Brain (seat of Intuition, etc.) wide open and, in many ways, came 'full circle' and (very reluctantly, at first) realized that much of the stuff we are told in the New Age/Occult writings about the origin of the New Testament, etc., is actually not true. 

This was from DIRECT GNOSIS, mind you, and not from just reading books. I already did the 'reading books' thing before that, thank you very much, and, frankly, in a lot of ways, it leads you nowhere. The reason is that the only way to truly learn is thru experiential knowing, i.e.: from direct knowledge of the subject you are studying. I never thought I'd go public with the following anecdote at this early stage, but here you go: In 2009, I even had what can only be called a 'miracle healing' in a Greek Orthodox Christian Church. It was not with other people, mind you: I had just randomly showed up there on a Wed or Thur one day, because I'd been intuitively guided to do so. The only person that was there was the old guy that took care of the place on weekdays. I'd been having a depression problem at the time, because of some problematic (near psychopathic) roommates and, tried as I did, I wasn't able to get rid of it on my own at home, no matter what Energetic Healing thing I tried, or whatever else.

So I sat in the front row, looked at the icon that depicts the scene of Jesus receiving the Holy Spirit upon baptism and asked for healing (or something; I cant remember exactly what I said now). And, again, I need to reiterate: 2009!! I had walked away from all of this stuff from at least 1998! I hadn't set foot in a Church for God knows how many years (nor have I been back since, to be honest). And, so, within moments, I 'saw' that same white light depicted in the picture in front of me, coming towards me. And, within a few short minutes (I kid you not: it was like 2-3 minutes, not more than that), the horrible weight I had on my Heart Chakra lifted. This experience subsequently forced me to re-examine so many things that, until then, I'd considered to be set in stone. One of which was the type of disinfo that says the Piso family had outright invented the New Testament stories, which was a position even David Icke had once taken, but has since changed his mind on it. 

You see, initially, it is very hard for a man (especially for a stubborn motherf***** like me) to recant and to admit he was wrong for 10 or more years, and to then be forced to re-examine absolutely everything! And, by this, I do not mean to say I am proposing some kind of weird Occult/Gnostic Christian belief here. But what I am saying, is that much of what we take to be set-in-stone, needs further examining. A large % of us (I used to be one, too) seem to only go by the few, well-known books in the Alternative scene on the subject of Jesus' historical existence, like the Elaine Pagels type of books and so forth. Oh, I assure you, ladies and gentlemen: I vociferously read EVERY single one of these in my early-to-mid 20ies! 

So, being firmly convinced I knew what the real deal was on these matters, I continued on my Awakening Journey, which, of course, included a hell-of-a-lot of Meditation, by the way. So this Meditation, then, eventually resulted in breaking thru to the next layer of the onion, as I explained above. And what it showed me was that there are three, and not two, levels of understanding the Holy books. 

1) The exoteric, just for the masses, who take everything literally

2) The half-esoteric level, which is mostly the Astrotheological angle of things, but which is not the full explanation either

3) The true esoteric meanings (much of which have been lost, of course, and, were it not for the Nag Hammadi library, we'd have zero of it now), which is the REAL message of Christ 

If one has not moved on beyond the Luciferian Initiation (which, as I said, is merely the Intellectual Awakening Phase, so is only part of the Awakening Process and not the end of the rainbow, so to speak), they will only understand up to No. 2 above. They stop at the Astrotheological understanding of the New Testament and look no further beyond that. Jordan Maxwell is perhaps the most well-known in the scene for being a champion of this view and has influenced many after him to also follow this line of thinking. Additionally, many have also accused him of knowingly being a Luciferian, a Freemasonic shill, etc. I can't comment on this, as I don't know what he does behind closed doors, but what I can say is that it may be far simpler than that: he may just not have managed to get out of the Luciferian Initiation Phase himself, that's all. 

You see, it is a rare thing to be a true Gnostic, i.e.: to have direct, experiential knowledge of the Divine. So, more often than not, I'd say we're really only dealing with so-called researchers that have not quite figured it all out yet, than with genuine, deliberate disinformation spreaders. I do not, of course, doubt FOR A SECOND that the aforementioned 'disinformation spreaders' actually exist, but the paranoia and witch hunts that we often see in the Alternative Scene often becomes near-farcical. There is even a guy that mentions a list of all the controlled opposition figures in the movement and he has listed every single person there is. Everyone! But, anyway, this is not the main point of this post, so I'll get back to the main subject now.

The important thing I wanted to stress with this post, I guess, is that it may very well be that there is some kind of 'Luciferian Plot' behind all these publications that flooded the market in the past few decades, which try to convince westerners that, at best, Jesus' life was greatly exaggerated, at worst, He didn't even exist. And saying this is not contradictory to my previous position that not every second researcher is a shill. I never said the researchers/authors themselves are knowingly shills, but that there is an insidious, hidden, fabulously well-organized group of Black Magicians that have a vast amount of power and influence in the west, and who seem to allow certain publications, certain ideas, certain memes to percolate into society. It seems to be "accidental" to the casual observer/Sleeper, but, I assure you, accidental it is not!

These people that lord over the Black Lodges (and, yes, I'll come right out and say it: I am largely referring to certain segments of high level Freemasonry that have "fallen", though I must make clear that it is not just a Masonic plot overall) are known for planning what trends will be created for society, decades in advance! Decades. 20-30 years ahead of time, believe it or not. How do I know this? Well, like I sad above: I've been studying these things since about 22 yo and I am now almost 40. So, really, if we disregard the fact that this is not a paid job (well not yet, anyway), you could consider me as being a 'full time anti-NWO researcher' for almost 20 years now. This is how guys like me know a lot of things that 99% of the masses/Sleepers do not. And the Dark Elitists fear this kind individual, of course. They fear a knowledgeable person more than any other thing, in fact. And especially a person that is able to gain direct Knowledge of the Divine, i.e.: a true Gnostic!

Hence their entire system is designed to stop people from achieving this state. They flood the market with books, books, books....Intellect, Intellect, Intellect. But never do you see Meditation being aggressively promoted in the mainstream do you? We need to ask ourselves why, don't we? 

The fact is that Christ Consciousness is the goal...and not worshiping a graven image of Jesus the man. And we don't need Organized Religions in order to connect with the Divine Spark within. However, this is not to say that Jesus the man was not, more or less, what they claim He was. You see, ladies and gentlemen, the genius of Organized Religion
Christianity in particular was that it manages to kill, not one, but two birds with one stone:

1) It prevents a genuine seekers of spirituality from truly finding God

2) It turns another, smaller segment of society off from God completely, making them Atheists! The reason is that they erroneously think the Religion = God and equate Prime Creator itself with the inherently flawed, man-made religions 

I would say the second one is worse, but they are both virtually as bad as each other, as they only have ONE end result, really: they prevent one from achieving Divine Gnosis. And, make no mistake about it: this IS done very deliberately by the Black Magick Masters. It really, truly is done knowingly, deliberately and with a cold, calculated precision that would make your skin crawl, were you an insider and saw how they plan all this stuff behind closed doors. But, fortunately or unfortunately, if we don't become high level masons (I'd say anything in the high 20ies and above, but maybe it's only in the final 2 or 3 degrees, I can't say for sure) ourselves, we can never truly know to what degree the conspiracy is purposely planned out, decades in advance. 

Some may accuse me of sticking to the outdated "masons control the word" stereotype now. Fine, have it your way, but I only ask you to do one little thing for me before you 100% make up your mind about me being an 'outdated' Conspiracy (Truth more like it) Researcher: please do a bit of surface research on how many people are "coincidentally":

a) Both high level masons (often 33 degree, but a lot of the time 31 and 32 as well) and

b) Also seem to be in an assortment of high-level positions. Positions, mind you, that are key in influencing what direction a society will take, i.e.: Media, Politics, Banking, Pop Music Industry, Hollywood, etc.

Need I go on? This is very easy to figure out, by the way. A two minute Google search will sort you out, I guarantee you. 

And the most interesting thing about all this, is that, when you look at the names of the higher Masonic degrees (and, again, a Google will readily show you this), it's absolutely chock full of (Dark) Templar/Jesuit type of titles. And an interesting thing to mention here is the Knight of Malta degrees: you do a search on a list of powerful people that are Knights of Malta and incredible things will show up. Bush Sr. and Rupert Murdoch among many others. So...what does all this mean, then? 

It means that, at the very top of the Dark (supposedly) Masonic Cabal, it is actually the Dark Knight Templar/Jesuits that control everything! But people keep screaming "it's the Masons, it's the Masons!" Most of them don't bother to dig deeper, however, and finally see that this whole structure was a Templar-Jesuit creation from day one. And where do the Dark Templars - Jesuits eventually lead to? Why, they lead directly to the Vatican, of course...

Oh, how ironic that the same nefarious, Archon/Reptilian-controlled, Dark Occultist group that is responsible for the proliferation of literature that is designed to turn people into either:

a) slaves of Organized Religion or 

b) outright Atheists 

is the very SAME group that also controls the Vatican. How ironic, indeed...

I'll leave you with the picture below, which in an immense synchronicity that speaks volumes! Not only a massive article, and accompanying video, could be done to discuss this one synchronicity: an entire book could be written about how the Emperor character (hooded man on the left) from the 1983 film, Return of the Jedi, seems to, amazingly enough, look almost identical to the man that became Pope over TWENTY YEARS later! I am sure George Lucas did not plan this consciously...but I cannot say the same about the Force ;)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


This is something many of us are already aware of, but Icke here puts it in a way that only he can, so it has hit home for me even more after reading the passage quoted below. The concept I refer to is the idea first introduced in Carlos Castaneda's works, which speaks of the 'predator giving humanity its mind'. Since those books were done about 40 years ago, the concept was rather nebulous and seemed very surreal and mystical at the time. However, if you combine it with the works of Sitchin's, Icke's, Tsarion's, etc., a very interesting, and not-so-mystical, picture emerges. 

I'll leave it to David Icke to explain it better than anyone currently alive on Earth can:

"They had to be bright enough to do the jobs required of them, but not bright enough to see what was going on, and the Reptilians needed a collective control-system that could constantly feed their human robots a sense of reality that would keep them in line. There may have been reptilian genetics in the human body before the genetic manipulation, but I doubt it was a fraction of what we have now. It is my view, after so many years researching this and following the guided trail, that the reptilian brain as it is today was introduced by the Reptilian geneticists. It acts like an enormous microchip and locks us into their control system. As I have already explained, the reptilian brain largely dictates human perception and behaviour. Its primitive, emotional, fear-based sense of reality provided the perfect vehicle for collective control and the conflict and insecurity so essential to divide and rule. The Reptilians also have their own hive mind communication system, which I will describe in detail later, and the the reptilian brain connects us to that system. They have tuned us in to their 'station'. This is so important to understand if we are to free ourselves from this enslavement and see through the false sense of reality that is fed to us every day. Consciousness --what we really are-- is far more powerful than any reptilian genetics or communication system if we choose to connect with that awareness of self. Before anyone fights, or flights, or freezes with fear, there is a way out of this and we are heading closer to that every day; but crucial to casting off the chains of control and suppression is to know how the 'game' is being played and what the rules are."
-- from Human Race Get of Your Knees, page 213

And, much like the synchronicities Icke often speaks of (whereby he has intuitive ideas about things and so forth, only to get unexpected confirmation of these concepts from external sources, days/weeks/months later), I've had a very similar thing happen to me in the past few days having to do with the subject of this post. What Icke is talking about here, has been something that I've been intuitively feeling recently. Very strongly! And, lo and behold, I "happen" to read this page from his book today. Perhaps my so-called intuitive feeling is more of a 'calculated knowing' (to paraphrase 'calculated risk') than pure intuition, simply because I've read about this concept so much and for so long now. And the more you learn, the more the pieces fall into place, and the more sense it begins to make. And then you start the process all over again, albeit in a deeper level of the rabbit hole this time. And so it goes...and one day you somehow end up automatically "knowing" this stuff is real, and can almost intuitively understand how it works. 

So the stuff I've been thinking about the past few days can be summarized in one word: Quarantine. It just dawned on me yesterday, or the day before, that when we talk about the planet being under quarantine and that the Earth is a Prison Planet, we are really talking about the Spirit being trapped in these 3D bodies, rather than the actual negativity of the planet and the pyramidal, top-down control system imposed on us. It is much more to do with the actual bodies we have (with their oversized reptilian brains) than anything else really. Because, you see, if we didn't have these custom-designed bodies, then this reptilian, hierarchical control pyramid that is based on the negative polarity of the Masculine Energies would not be able to sustain itself, pure and simple. 

Sure, there are a number of people that always manage to break away from this in any given era (and, in these days that % is growing), but the majority, say a 90%, remain within the confines of their Reptilian Mind and, as Icke reminds us up there, this also means they're "hard wired" into the Reptilian Hive Mind itself! Sorry, but as scary as this sounds, it is true nonetheless. And, unfortunately, these types of people never really "live". Not in the true sense anyway. It reminds me of the slogan "They Live, We Sleep", seen spray painted on the wall in a scene from the movie They Live. Even though it is something the Dark Illuminists themselves say about the masses, and it is obviously an elitist thing to say, I am sorry to say that people that have not awoken their Higher Self really are dead, in many ways. Not to say that they're all out zombies, but, in more than one way, a person of this type is just a slave to the whims of their emotions and lower impulses, even if, IQ-wise they may be the biggest genius that ever lived. 

So this, then, creates the Reptilian Matrix; it creates the Earth Quarantine. We perpetuate it ourselves. And, while the way out of this is to ultimately transform our current DNA over many generations, for the short term, what we need to do is:

1) Create awareness of this issue to as wide an audience as possible, not caring one IOTA about the temporary repercussions (if you're worried about losing a friend or two, you should instead start worrying about what kind of planet you will return to after you die in this lifetime) 

2) Take very serious steps towards undoing the Reptilian Self within (or the Shadow, or Ego, or Predator; call it whatever you like), because, by healing ourselves, one by one, we will transcend the Reptilian Matrix. And I don't mean transcend in the Pleiadian, Ashtar Command, New Age Bullshit sense of suddenly turning into Light Bodies, by wiggling our noses like Samantha from Bewitched and flying into the stratosphere like Superman. No. 

This kind of thing takes work! Both individually and collectively. Sure, there are many other, secondary things that we must do as well, like get rid of the Mass Media and Hollywood, to name but a few. But, until we get a handle on the 2 steps above, nothing will happen. I know they may seem obvious, but are they? Are they really? For 1.5 years now, 99% of my Facebook friends have been people that understand and are interested in these kinds of subjects. And, let me tell you, you will NOT believe how many of them I've spoken to that tell me they're quite reluctant to blatantly talk about all these kinds of things in public Facebook posts. 

I mean, I don't really want to have to say this, but it really does get to a point where a guy like me sometimes thinks "Well, why should I do all the work, when millions of people out there haven't got the guts to get out there and speak what they know to be true?" And, you know what, it's very reasonable for a person to think like that, after seeing so many people out there that won't speak up because they're afraid of losing their precious friends or whatever else. 

And, if you really think about it, you're not really losing anything that worthwhile: if we're talking about people that don't really "get you", then you will gain better friends thru the perceived loss. And that's if it even happens at all. Nowadays, people are pretty open minded to these ideas. Sure, they may not agree with you about the stuff that Castaneda says, but they won't necessarily call you crazy or stop talking to you. 90%+ of your fears are just hypothetical anyway, and they may never happen. 

So, please, if you are reading this and you know, in your heart, that you haven't given 100% in getting the word out about the truth of the Reptilian Matrix, make a pledge to yourself 
and to mankind that, this month, you will at least do a little more than you did last month. This way you will be stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit more. And, then, next month a little bit more...and so on. If we all did this, and I mean ALL of the people that read blogs like these and are already familiar with the researchers mentioned herein, the change within 2-3 years will be astronomical. But that's only IF

I mean, it's totally up to you, of course. But, by the same token, the onus is on you, too. Remember what I said earlier: you WILL come back here again. There is no easy way out, sorry to be the one to tell you that. None of this BS about transcending in this lifetime is true. Face it: you (we) have been lied to about that stuff! We really, truly have. I'm not going to look for who/what/why/how did it to us, but we HAVE been lied to about the idea of getting out of this Matrix in this lifetime. I know it's tough to hear, but you will still come back nonetheless. And, when you do come back, whatever world you find yourself in, will be a world that you (either through wrong action or inaction) have contributed to creating. 

I'm laying down the law here in this post, both for myself and for whoever reads it and, thru honest self-examination, admits that they haven't been giving 110% towards creating the world that they would have LIKED to be born into. Well, we never really "die", so you literally have "all the time in the world" don't feel disappointed. Now that you know all this "transcending this world in this lifetime" crap was a lie, you can at least do something about it to make the next incarnation better! 

See, here's the thing of it: even though you see me writing inspiring posts like these, truth is that I often get SO depressed and disappointed about a) being on this planet at all and b) about having to come back again (and again...and again...). I really do find it excruciatingly difficult to accept and I cant even begin to calculate how many hours I have wasted 
complaining about it with close FB friends, etc. Lesson learned now, however. So now it's time to get even more proactive. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth of the matter is we came here to CHANGE this planet, and not to meditate 7 days a week for a couple of lifetimes and then turn into a ball of light and fly away. Lol! And by the way, a disclaimer here: I am the biggest proponent of Meditation you're liable to meet. But this is just one aspect of the job at hand. Once you meditate enough and balance your self enough, then it's time to apply that awesomeness to the world around you and CHANGE it for the better. This is the ingredient that many people in the alternative scene seem to be leaving out. Never mind the ones that haven't even taken the vital Step 1 of doing the meditation/yoga in the first place. Maybe they can give it another shot in the next life...sigh. 

Really though, we must up our game. Because, whether this next part sounds like fear-mongering or not, it is nevertheless the reality of the current situation:


We really do and this comes from a very wide variety of sources I've looked at, which have confirmed and said the exact same thing: the time between 2012 - 2017 is the KEY. What we do now will reverberate throughout the next THOUSAND. And that's not hyperbole. Further to that, it will affect other Dimensions and worlds, aside from the Earth. So we live in the most incredible, challenging times, even if, at the same time, they may be the most difficult ones. 

Okay, so you're here now, you may hate it, you may think to yourself "I never signed up 
for this shit, beam me up!"...but you're HERE nonetheless. And you have to deal with it. And the best way to deal with it is not by following the dictates of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" , no. Instead you must live by this motto: "if you don't like it, CHANGE it!"

As always, I sincerely hope this helped in some way and, even if it is not something brand new, at least made you see this issue from a brand new perspective. And, most importantly, I hope it compelled you to take REAL world action! At least more than you have already been taking anyway. 

Friday, 10 April 2015


A caveat before I begin: even though I am very anti-Psychiatry (any normal human being would/should be!), I don't try to hide the fact that I have been to counselling once or twice a handful more times than that actually. This is totally fine, providing they don't immediately jump on the diagnosis bandwagon and start with their BS 'you need to take medication' line. So, yes, I think talking things thru sometimes can be very good. I guess, at the very least, we can think of a counsellor as being a 'friend for hire'. lol. It's like paying someone to listen to our bullshit for an hour, because no one else cares.

But my anecdote proves just how damn clueless they can be in, oh, probably 75%+ of cases...

So, about 5-6 years ago, then, I was 'depressed' and this had been brought on by the ONE issue that has been 99% of my problem since my early 20ies: lack of money. And the reason being that I consciously went down the 'struggling artist path' since my early/mid 20ies and the price you have to pay for that is you must go thru the $ hardships in the 'early days'. (This 'artist poverty' will be over for me soon, by the way, since my book has recently come out)

And, get this, I actually decided to explain to her how I felt, at the time, by quoting none other than the line from Eminem's Lose Yourself that says "I need to formulate a plot..." LOL! I shouldnt've done that, as a Hagrid would say. 

I guess I was trying to use Eminem's line to show that I felt just like he did, i.e.: feeling trapped living with his mother in the trailer park, having a shit job, and whatever else he says in the song. But, of course, silly, naive me, I didn't realize I was talking to a PSYCHOLOGIST, did I? LMAO, you should've seen her go 'from simple psychologist to pill prescribing psychiatrist mode' within 0.5 seconds flat! 

She totally freaked out on me (well not 'totally' but she completely misconstrued what I was trying to explain) and started giving me the "people that say they want to formulate a plot to get out of their current problems are delusional", blah, blah. It would've been hilarious to sit there watching me trying to talk my way out of this. Lucky for me, I didn't really have anything serious going on (well, apart from wanting to 'formulate a plot' that is. lol!), so she didn't have good reason to diagnose me as something-or-other-bullshit from their (un)holy bible, the DSM ('despicable sick mofos' is what it really means). 

This tale is 110% true (how can you make something like this up, even if you tried??) and goes to show you that, even while in certain cases such as when you're purely 'talking' your issues through with a counsellor– it can be beneficial, all in all, it is the most primitive & psuedoscientific 'science' we have ever come up with. And, bt I personally know people (relatives, etc) that have studied this 'science' in University and so forth, so I have nothing against individual psychologists (okay maybe just with Psychiatrists), but the discipline itself is a complete and utter joke. 

I mean, this being a 100% accurate account, goes to show you what could potentially happen to a guy, who happens to have a mental 'illness' history, if he slips up and says something similar to a shrink: they would diagnose them with some outlandish mental 'illness' before the session was even finished! And, as most reading this would know, they have the power to FORCE you, by law, to take your meds if you happen to be normal and decide to refuse. Believe it or not, should they decide to, they can send the Police to your HOME to make you take the meds. THX 1138 much?

This is why people like me mostly have an issue with Psychiatry. If there was total Free Will involved in it, then I would've had no problem with the profession itself, only with the dangerous fools that take it seriously and that keep them in business. But, aside from, let's say, 10% of cases (Schizophrenia or persecution mania, for example), medication is NOT needed. It just isn't!! And, even in these cases, they never tried seeing what would happen to the so-called 'schizophrenic' if he/she was put on a serious, and long-term, "Yoga/Mediation/Reiki/returning back to nature/healthy eating/NO 'recreational' drug-taking/exercising/associating only with non-psychopathic people/re-connecting with estranged family/having as much fun in life as possible" regimen. No psychiatrist ever, that I know of, has prescribed the above to a person in place of medication. Well, at least not ALL of the above in one sitting lol. They may mention some of that stuff, as an aside, like when they tell you to 'be positive' (on a planet like this? really?), but their Goddamn, zombifying, soul-killing medication always seems to be at the top of the list of reconsiderations!

I think the way out of this mess is to create as much awareness of it as possible, eventually convincing people there are far better alternatives out there. Alternatives that ACTUALLY work, because they recognize that the Brain is just the hardware, whereas the Mind is the software, and what we call mental 'illness' is merely a SYMPTOM of issues that ultimately stem from somewhere deeper within (or higher above, depending on how you wish to put it). So, by mistakenly believing the symptom to be the CAUSE of the problem, the Psychiatric-Big Pharma Octopus gets nowhere, fast! 

Truth is, when mental 'illness' manifests it is the mental/spiritual equivalent of when a cancer has gone detected for too long and you only get wind of it when it is too late. And, then, like a primitive idiot that you are, you over-prescribe yourself with painkillers, so you don't feel the effects of the cancer anymore. See what I did there? Psychiatric medication works in the exact same way, i.e: it numbs the psychic senses and emotions, in order that the person shuts out the mental discomfort. It really, truly is the mental equivalent of giving someone with a shattered leg heaps of painkillers believing that this will somehow heal the leg. 

You see, the pain is the symptom of the shattered leg! That's all it is. Similarly, in psychiatry's case, they think they will "heal" you by shutting out the mental anguish by zombifying you with the pills! Good luck there with that one. Really. Because you're gonna need it. 

And thus they go round and round in circles, never really helping anybody (at least not helping them in a deep and profound way, anyway. they only offer a quick, surface fix) 

If done right, this will get to the point where the Big Pharma/Psychiatry System will eventually be left with 2 options: 

a) Shrink (no pun) and disappear into nothingness (please God!) or 

b) Change to accommodate the 21st century

Either option is fine with me. As long as they do not still have the same power they have now in 20-30 years time, I'd consider it a great victory. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015


I see a big problem in the Alternative Scene and, put simply, there are 2 kinds of people:

Team 1: Those that, thru engaging in some type of mental/spiritual development on a long-term basis, do objectively perceive, and thus 'believe' (but choice of word but anyway), in the finer Realms 

Team 2: Those who, for whatever reason, do not yet perceive this very OBJECTIVE reality

Now the problem with this is as follows: while the people in Team 1 know Team 2 is wrong, the ones in Team 2 "think" that Team 1 members are misled at best, bat shit crazy at worst. Amazingly, however, both teams think they are correct! And, if we wish to break down the mechanics of this conundrum even further: 

Team 1 typically ignores/avoids Team 2, but mostly does not harbor any particularly ill feelings towards them, being that they realize Team 2 members will eventually "come round" it in this lifetime or, in severe cases of Left Brainitis, after about another 10 incarnations! 

Conversely and (very) sadly, it has been observed that Team 2 is prone to be more acerbic than Team 1 when talking about their fellow humans belonging to the opposite team. Why this is so may seem like a baffling mystery, until one comes to understand the CONFIRMED FACT that, as the Ego dies down thru some form of Yoga to make way for the Higher Self, the person generally becomes more understanding. Not always, but generally. This, of course, does not apply to Team 2 unfortunately, as they would, by definition, not be the type that meditates, etc. 

Now you could say: "Well, how can we be so sure that all this bullshit you mention about Astral worlds, and so on, is "objectively" real and not just your imagination?"

This would be an excellent question indeed, were it not for the fact that millions of totally unconnected people routinely seem to come up with the same stories! And, to be honest, we don't even need millions: even it were five people, who didn't know each other, that came up with near identical accounts of the Lower Astral (or whatever else), it would still suffice. 

To put another way, we are divided amongst those who 'get it' and those who don't. Those who do get it are, in general, quite happy to cooperate with those who don't...however Camp 2 prefers to stay in that tiny little box their Cognitive Dissonance dictates to them. So will this measly little blog post change this situation? I very much doubt it. In fact, it may even further piss off and alienate some Team Twos that read it. 

But it will help shed a bit of light on an extremely important issue in our scene. It will also work as something of an unofficial 'open letter from Team 1 to Team 2', being that I am a very vocal representative of the former and know virtually everything there is to know about said team. 

So how do we get out of this mess then? Because, honestly, it is not at all a "constructive" situation. Not in the slightest. I will not name names and specific Authors/Researchers here, but every man and his dog (and every 'womb man' and her cat) knows full well that there is a schism between the 'Reptilian theory/UFO believers' vs. the 'Reptilian theory/UFO debunkers'. I will readily admit that, at first glance, the Reptilian thing seems like silliness at best, and an ALL out 'psy op designed to make the myopic (to put it lightly) members of Team 2 look bad' at worst.  

Then again, even Organized RELIGION seems legit, at first glance. Imagine that! I guess what I am saying is: minus the actual facts regarding a particular theory, situation, person, etc., there is just no way one can make an informed decision about it. And, since it was used as an example, in the case of Organized Religion (by the way: easily the biggest bane of Mankind!), when a person is born into it and doesn't know the history of how the Vatican, for instance, rose to power, they would understandably buy all the religious bullshit hook, line and sinker. Same goes for all this Lower Astral Realms (and the closely related 'UFO and Ancient Astronaut') stuff that us 'crazies' keep talking about. By the way, when you call us 'crazy' mean kinda like 'Galileo crazy'? Or 'Tesla crazy', right? Well, you get the point. Obviously what I'm getting at is that all these seemingly crazy things will be accepted as being the norm, nay even as 'scientific' (imagine that!), one of these fine days. Yes, much like, irrespective of how much his contemporaries complained about it, Galileo's heliocentrism was eventually accepted as being fact. 

Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen: all this 'crazy' stuff about Lower Astral Realms, Greys, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Etheric Dimensions, Reiki healing, etc, etc., WILL become accepted mainstream facts within a decade or so. And this is not to say that simply by KNOWING and recognizing there is life on other planets beside ours --I mean, seriously, who wouldn't understand this basic fact in this day and age, right?!-- that we're somehow automatically suggesting these life forms will come to SAVE US FROM OUR OWN ASSES!!!!!

Oh, no, no, no...

Did you ever ONCE see me say (on YouTube) or write this anywhere? If you did, I would very much like to see an audio sample or a screenshot of it, because, as far as I know, I never have, never will espouse the Galactic Federation of Light type of BULLshit. I never have believed this utter tripe, I never WILL believe this utter tripe! And it is a very sad fact that, in the majority of cases, Team 2 members, thru some sort of misguided, knee-jerk reaction, immediately lump guys like me (of who there are many in the scene, believe it or not) in with the GFOL bullshit, thus throwing out the baby with the bathwater. This is very unfortunate, but it happens a lot. Let me explain what guys like me really believe regarding all the so-called 'crazy' stuff. ('crazy'...LOL. Next thing you know, they will tell us that recognizing the existence of a Supreme Being is also 'crazy'...)

Please try to, even if for a short moment, remove your preconceived notions about what the "crazy 'believers' in Reptilians and UFOs" believe in. Once you do this, please read on...

1) First and foremost, people like me absolutely ABHOR the religious notion that something or someone will, at some undefined point in the near future, come down to "save us".
This applies to everything from the typical Organized Religions that have ensnared 2/3 of the earth, to the various GFOL New Age Bullshit beliefs, to self improvement Cults. None, I repeat, NONE of these things will actually "save us from ourselves". This is very important to understand, which is why it is at No. 1

2) While there are other, secondary solutions, the MOST important thing to do as a planet, bar none, is to raise our Vibrational Frequencies. Period. The end. If one cannot see that this is so, then it is not for them to see. It may take you some years, or lifetimes, to arrive at this same conclusion, but arrive there you will, for this is not "opinion" but fact. This IS the way out of the mess planet Earth currently finds herself in. And I am not just "saying it", I have lived it. These words (in fact virtually all my articles/videos) are borne of experiential knowing, not just some stuff I read in a book/article, or saw on YouTube once. 

Everything else, including but not limited to, learning Natural Law, learning how the Money Matrix truly works, doing dot connecting and exposing the various 3D, 5 Sense aspects of the Grand Conspiracy, understanding how to recognize and deal with Psychopaths, "saving the whales" (this is mostly a joke, directly aimed at Militant Vegans actually ;) ), saving the Amazon forest and on and on, ad nauseam, all of it...ALL of it, is secondary to consciously attempting to raise one's Vibrational Frequency thru some form of Yoga (Yoga is the catch all term for things like Meditation, for those who do not already know) 

3) Following on from No. 2 and provided the entire Alternative Scene does actively take steps to accomplish the stated goal of No. 2, we will start seeing that more and more people will "magickally" come up with near identical accounts about "crazy alien shit". Aint it funny how that works? It's all to do with opening the Third Eye, you see. Currently, however, only a portion of the scene is doing what is stated in No. 2. And this is a problem that must be dealt with asap

4) Once 2 & 3 are well under way, then we will, quite naturally, a) have more solidarity, being that we now ALL 'know' the real Truth about the world and b) start to take ACTION towards reversing the various problems directly connected with the Lower Astral and so forth

5) At some point, with the ever growing, and united, Alternative Scene acting as a spearhead, this attitude will spill over into the mainstream and will, one day, become the accepted way of thinking

So THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what a lot of us "crazies" believe and not in fact that Pleiadians will come down and save our stupid asses from our OWN Apathy and Inaction. Not at all. In any case, I know that I believe in the above 5 points and conduct myself in accordance with them. I also know that my core FB friends have very similar thinking and would like to believe there are many thousands more like this around the world that I have not yet had the privilege to meet. In contrast, however, this is what the New Age Bullshit people generally think:

1) There is no duality from the birds-eye-view of God (of course there isn't, but then again, you are NOT God either, are you?!), so I will flatly refuse to admit to myself that this world is currently IN duality

2) This means I will also refuse to admit to myself that there are "bad things" happening in the world and, at most, occasionally send them some "Love & Light" to magickally fix them without having to fucking take ACTION in the real world!!

3) Oh, by the way, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, Wookies, or some combination thereof, will come and save my ass, because God FORBID I actually take Responsibility for my lot in life and FACE the Jungian Shadow head on. No, because that might actually take some effort...

4) Oh and there's also this little thing about some nebulous, undefined "Event" that's meant to happen soon, during which the ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET will magickally ascend in FIVE MINUTES, just because some charlatan, New Age guru said so. The fact that this "event" has been prophesied to happen on specific dates in the past and, yet, delayed, time and time again, does NOT deter me from the completely baseless, BLIND belief that it will eventually happen, even if, deep down, my own God damn Intuition tells me it's complete bullshit...

LOL...well you get the point, boys and girls, don't you? As can clearly be seen, the true Spiritual Warrior crowd and the 'Stuck in the New Age Trance' crowd cannot possibly be any more different from each other. And, yet, even though my friends and I do belong in the first category above (the one with the 5 points), many people would understandably be prone to lump us in with the New Age Bullshit crowd. Trying to answer exactly why this is so would open another can of worms now that will need a separate post (or several of them!) to be be adequately handled. Suffice it to say, however, that the New Age/Alternative scene has been co-opted and eroded from the inside out, like a rotten apple that, yet, looks perfectly fine and extra shiny on the outside. Now, whether this is done by humans (Black Magicians, et al), Dark Entities that give misleading information thru channelling sessions or some combination of the both, it matters not. The point is that a knee-jerk association is made in most peoples' minds, which equates talk of the Lower Astral, Starseeds and UFOs with the BAD aspects of the Alternative/Truther/New Age scene. 

And this is very unfortunate, because it is very, very wrong. While, admittedly, the great majority of people that recognize the, virtually blatant, reality of Aliens/UFOs and who identify themselves as Starseeds (And, again, like many things mentioned throughout this post, this term 'Starseed' need not be 'new age bullshity'. ALL it means really, is that the person has, by some metaphysical method or other, recovered one or several Past Life Memories of being on another planet. That is ALL it is. Period. So jumping from that to suddenly assuming this 'strange Starseed person', all of a sudden, thinks the Ashtar fucking Command will come and save them, is dumber than actually believing the official 9/11 story. It really is, because you're just making a final conclusion about something without looking into it deeply enough. Pretty much exactly in the manner that the Sleepers 'conclude' that what the nicely dressed man on the nightly news tell them about 9/11 is 'true'. If anyone takes offence to this: good! Truth is actually meant to have that effect on a person) are of the New Age Bullshit variety, many are in fact not! 

As I keep saying in this post: I am a perfect example of a "grounded, non-New Age Bullshit 'believer' (a funny word indeed. One that NONE would dare use when talking about gravity or the color of the sky, for instance) in things like the Lower Astral and flying saucers", as are most, if not all, of my FB friends. So the moral of this post, I guess, is that we all (both the Right Brain and Left Brain Brigades alike) must strive to see past our differences and try, as best we can, to understand that we're all in this together. 

If there is one thing Team 1 and Team 2 can agree on, it's that we can all RECOGNIZE there is a problem on earth. Depending on which team you're rooting for, you may isolate the origin of this problem as being Psychopathy itself or the demonic Entities of the Lower Astral Realms, of which the phenomenon of Psychopathy is but the observable 3D manifestationEither way, the resultant effect upon the planet is the SAME; on this we cannot disagree.  

In closing, I will ask my friends (and whoever else) that read this to please share it with those friends of yours whom you think belong in either Camp 2 described at the top, or in the the New Age Bullshit crowd described further down. Offended though they may get, there is still a good chance they might see things in a new light and maybe even reconsider their current, half baked views. 

While I know I tend to get harsh at times, I am quite reasonable and cooperative a lot of the time. However way we look at it, people need to FINALLY be woken up to the rampant deception and disinfo/misinfo we see in the scene, and I am just a guy with a crappy laptop and a lot of time on his hands that's trying to do all he can to help remedy this mess...

I hope this helped you in some way (even if it slightly offended you in some sections)